13 Apr 2016

Here's to all the girls who were not lucky enough to be loved the same way they fantasied to be. To all the mid morning awakenings and falling asleep with dreams of happy ever after.
To all the girls who wakes up everyday and breathe the contentment in their hearts; The ones brave enough to gather the courage to admire at the vague distance, watching as the magnificence of the the person flashes before their eyes.
To all the tugs, twists and the sound of their heart breaking; everytime his smile is always meant for someone else; everytime he looks at her like she put the stars in the sky, while you remain hidden and surrounded by dark clouds.
There would always be that person; that person who never ceased to rip you inch by inch from the inside. Someone who'll never realize how much they mean the goddamn world to you.
Perhaps because he's the whole vast universe, and you're just a speck of dust in space.
‪#‎ReaderSubmission‬ by Belle Diwatin

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